The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors—New York State (NAIFA-NYS) today marked the start of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) with the unveiling of a new and vastly improved web site—a more streamlined, visually appealing, and informative resource for NYS life insurance agents and financial advisors, and the consumers they serve. The new web site construction is part of a year-long revitalization of NAIFA-NYS, and exhibits an ongoing re-commitment of the association to the needs of its members and their insureds.

“The site,, is not only significant in its vast improvement on the earlier version,” commented NAIFA-NYS President Lawrence Holzberg, “but it is among the strongest NAIFA websites in the nation.”

“Our association now has an online presence that in a clear and coherent way explains what’s happening in New York and in DC, what NAIFA-NYS and NAIFA National are doing to protect life insurance agents and consumers, and what tools are available to help producers grow their business,” continued Holzberg.  “It’s a major departure from the past and further proof that NAIFA-NYS has turned a page.”

Donald Damick, NAIFA-NYS vice president and committeeman representing NAIFA-NYS at its national association, said the timing of the new web site roll-out is important. “September is a very important month in the life insurance business, as it is the time when we concentrate special effort to inform and educate the general public as to the importance of life insurance as a critical personal economic security tool.  This new web site will substantially improve our ability to bring our message to the public.”

The new site returns NAIFA-NYS to the traditional blue-and-white logo that guided the association for decades and is the template for all NAIFA symbols used throughout the United States.  Among other things, also:

  • describes the critical benefits derived from NAIFA-NYS membership
  • provides up-to-date, comprehensive information on NAIFA-NYS legislative and regulatory issues of interest to insurance advisors and consumers
  • includes more accessible NAIFA-NYS and NAIFA news and legislative alerts—for timely info on state and federal concerns
  • offers better information on NAIFA educational programs, practice management resources, and other benefits
  • showcases the work of the local NAIFA associations around New York
  • provides a more organized and easier navigation than the prior version

“An association’s web site is a reflection of the work it does and its potential,” said President Holzberg, “and the new makes clear that NAIFA-NYS now has much to be proud of with this new site.”

The National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors-NYS (NAIFA-NYS) represents the interests of life insurance agents and financial advisors throughout New York.  It advocates for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhanced business and professional skills, and the ethical conduct of its members in order to protect consumers and to encourage a healthy marketplace.

For more information, please contact Gregory Serio, NAIFA-NYS Executive Director, or Candace Thorson, Deputy Executive Director, at 518-915-1661 or at  or .

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