NAIFA-NYS Board members, local association leaders, and management staff are heading west for the Sept. 17-19 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss state and federal advocacy efforts and practice management how-to’s.  Members will weigh in on proposed NAIFA bylaws amendments—including a dues increase critical to implementing NAIFA’s 20/20 Strategic Plan—and on officer nominees for 2017.  And, in face-to-face meetings with NAIFA leaders, NAIFA-NYS will discuss next steps for collaborating and further strengthening both National and your NYS association.

“The national conference,” commented NAIFA-NYS President Larry Holzberg, “provides a tremendous opportunity for state and local leaders to sit down, face to face, with other leaders on those levels and at National‎.  Nothing beats the personal contact that we get to take advantage of at these meetings, and it also helps to build the cohesion among all the NAIFA components.”