To Our Members:

A cornerstone of the plan for the resurgence of NAIFA-NYS was the re-construction of the association’s communications strategy. Redevelopment of the web site, greater use of social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and member engagement via electronic means with the association staff and, more importantly, our state legislators, have all been highly successful.  Launch of the LifeNY magazine was also a critical component of this plan, and the first three issues were very well received for its high editorial quality and timely delivery.

Needless to say, perhaps, but it is important for you to know that the officers, directors and staff of the association have become very protective of our communications platform as the positive developments have been the result of much hard work and countless hours of activity. You can appreciate, then, our visceral disdain for what has been an inordinate delay in the production and distribution of the fourth edition of our magazine.  Put to bed the first week of October, only now is the publication hitting your mailboxes.  We find this delay, which occurred through no fault of the association, to be completely unacceptable and we have let our vendors know of our dismay in the strongest possible terms.

Consequently, we will be moving our publication from our incumbent vendor to a different publisher/printer contractor. To its credit, CINN Worldwide, the current publisher/printer, has offered a letter of apology, which is provided below, pursuant to our demand, which is also provided below; that acknowledgement of responsibility, though, is not nearly enough to justify our continuing to work with that firm.  We need to be assured consistently that our work product matters to the vendors and that they have the capability and willingness to meet our publication time schedules.

We believe that the change in vendors will not delay the next edition of LifeNY, currently scheduled for an early February publication date.

We thank you for your patience but well understand, and share, any impatience you may have had over this situation.

December 15th, 2016

RE: Delivery of Winter edition of LIFE NY

Mr.Peter Molinaro


c/o Park Strategies

Albany New York

Dear Peter,

May I share your frustration with the late delivery of LIFE NY’s Winter edition.

We have just learned that copies have been received inconsistently this past week in various parts of the state, later than our anticipated November delivery.

While a number of factors, from delays in printing processes to the USPO, have affected this issue of the publication adversely, we are responsible and do wish to apologize to the Association for the delay and to indicate to members that your office has not factored into this lateness. In fact, to your credit, the resulting product and content are, we believe, admirable and do provide a good resource to members, albeit later than desireable.

Again, please accept my apology together with,

Kind regards for your continued success in the New Year,

C I N N Group, Inc.


Steve Acunto



We are getting sporadic reports that the magazine is delivered in the Syracuse area but still no delivery here in Albany.  Given the seriousness of the matter as described in my letter to you, and in conjunction with our efforts to rebuild this Association, we demand that you write an apology to our membership that we will post on our website as soon as possible.  We will need this apology by mid-day tomorrow.

We are giving you this opportunity to apologize to our members directly.  A refusal to do so would force us to so inform our members and include an explanation of what happened in our own words.

Peter J. Molinaro, Esq., General Counsel


17 Elk Street

Albany, NY 12207