More than 800 attendees, including NAIFA-NYS members and staff, took to Orlando for the September 11 to 14 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Annual Conference.  Attendees enjoyed high-energy keynote speeches (including one from a former Green Beret), powerful and often emotional remarks from industry leaders, thoughts from association heavyweights, and even the melodious tones of an Elvis impersonator.  The conference offered more than a dozen “Big Ideas” and other workshops on how to turn multi-line property and casualty transactions to life insurance and financial services sales; sell cash-value life insurance; build an advisor team; infuse technology into your practice; understand and utilize innovations in LTC coverage; fund college expenses; protect income; use home equity and reverse mortgages in retirement strategy; practice succession planning; build a thriving disability practice; draw women into the industry; and navigate global financial issues, among other topics.

Delegates at P+P also approved a new slate of officers and NAIFA Board of Trustee members – including NAIFA-NYS Past President Lawrence Holzberg, LUTCF, LACP as 2020 NAIFA Secretary.  Congratulations, Larry!