In the afternoon of November 21, the Senate passed the House of Representatives’ version of a continuing resolution (CR) that temporarily funded the government until December 20.  Sadly, however, the Senate did not attach the critically important Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act to the CR—and so missed a chance to link the bipartisan bill to a piece of must-pass legislation.  There is still hope, though, as some observers believe Congress will need to pass another CR to fund the government beyond December 20.

The SECURE Act sailed through the House on a 417-3 vote on May 23.  Despite overwhelmingly bipartisan support in the Senate, including from leadership, the Act has stalled because three senators—Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Pat Toomey (R-PA), and Mike Lee (R-UT)—placed “holds” on the bill, objecting to certain provisions in the SECURE Act that are unrelated to retirement savings reform.  Supporters of the legislation had anticipated that the Senate quickly would approve the SECURE Act via unanimous consent and then send it to the President, who reportedly was inclined to sign the bill.

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