Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) – Mentoring Program

An opportunity for an experienced MDRT member to provide counseling, guidance, and encouragement to help an aspirant reach MDRT-level production and membership. Producers are matched based on their varying levels of experience and talent to lead the aspirant to long-term career success, and the mentor to continued and/or greater success and personal satisfaction.

In the spotlight: MDRT embarks on a new, more efficient and more effective Mentoring Program

Of special note in the program – REDUCED production requirements for Aspirants to MDRT!

MDRT Mentoring Program Features

    • There is no enrollment fee
    • Quick and easy enrollment process for mentor and aspirant
        • Online enrollment
        • Open enrollment period with no time limit
    • Reduced production requirements for the aspirant to attend the MDRT Annual Meeting:
        • 50 percent of the MDRT member production requirement is needed for the aspirant to attend the first time.
        • To attend a second time, 80 percent of the MDRT member production requirement is needed.
        • Mentoring teams will have access to MDRT Mentoring Resource Center materials
        • There is no time limit on the enrollment period

Rules for Aspirants

    • Aspirants may not participate if they have had more than one year of MDRT membership.
    • Aspirants may attend the Annual Meeting only twice: once at 50 percent of the MDRT member requirement and once at 80 percent of the MDRT member requirement.
    • Aspirants must qualify under either the commission or premium method. They may not qualify under the income qualification method.
    • To attend the Annual Meeting, the aspirant’s mentor must be a current MDRT member attending the Annual Meeting.

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